This is Trainium


A scalable, highly customizable, all-in-one training platform for your sport or fitness training business that will free your time and make you a ton of money.


Happier, Engaged Clients

Your clients will love you! Not only give them access to your training in a fantastic way but immerse  them in a feature rich social environment where they can really achieve their goals. You will find your clients forming a strong bond with others and soon learn that they came for the training but stay for the team. 

Stand Out In the Crowd

To take your business to the next level you are going to have to do something very different.  Facebook Groups are for rookies. It's time to step up your game. Imagine standing out above the rest by having a powerful, customized, fully branded platform of your own where competitors can't target your clients with ads.

Make More Money

Use Trainium to coach an unlimited amount of clients (with less stress than 1 : 1). This means a lot more money to you and a scalable future! Coaches using Trainium have made more than 60k monthly while others have made nearly 30k in a week. Even a small well coached group can put an extra 3-8k in your pocket. 

We didn’t have a platform where we could scale without having to add more staff. With Trainium, we can. Customers were excited to find a service that filled a void from our previous offerings and now is a great fit for them. I can help more people. Our mission is focused on helping people and now, we see that we can have a greater impact that we could before.

Greg McMillan |,

Launched RunClub with 1300+ Members



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Million Dollars Made By Coaches

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How Trainium Can Transform Your Business

Gain Clarity

Do you find yourself chasing the next way to bring revenue to your business? One day fumbling though an eCommerce platform, the next day trying to figure out if YouTube is the answer? It's time to get some clarity! With Trainium's all-in-one feature set, your search is over. Your new focus dramatically simplifies to just One Thing....your clients.

Build a Legacy

Do you want to help 12 people or 12,000? A business built on Trainium will scale!  Yes, this is a great way to make a ton of money but it's an easy way to impact thousands more than private coaching. Making an impact like this builds the momentum you are looking for and gives you the chance at positioning yourself as a true authority in your niche and building a real legacy .

Take Control of Your Day

Coaching online gives you back the most valuable currency on the planet, time. Trainium coaches quickly build systems and features that allow them to automate or batch the process functions of their business! This allows you to get back the control you are looking for. When you start taking back control of your days...those days turn to solid months...and then your best year ever.

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No Other Platform Can Offer What Trainium Does:

Trainium is Customizable
Start with a solid foundation and morph it into something that is uniquely yours with new features all under your brand.

Complete All-In-One System
Trainium is an end to end solution for you. Payments, CRM, email, reporting, member management and of course training.

Has everything your clients need (or want)
Slick, easy to use interface that makes training under you easy. Plus social features, gamification, resources and more!

1001 Ways to Communicate
Forums, feeds, profiles, private messaging, emails, video chat, auto-responders and custom content management and wikis. Use it all!

Completely Mobile
Of course there is a nice mobile interface! You and your team have full access to training plans and the community right on your phone.

Insane Training Plan System
Flexible training plan system that gives your clients their training day by day....week by week. You have to see it to believe it.

Matt Frazier NoMeatAthlete.Com & RunYourBQ

We were a little hesitant to pay for Trainium when we thought our budget, solution was doing fine. But we wanted to reflect quality in our our membership platform and let our members (and prospects) know that we were committed to providing the best experience possible - so we decided to upgrade to Trainium, with all it's interactivity, mobile friendly options and bells and whistles. Trainium has been incredible and finally we have something we are proud to show screenshots and demos of when it comes time to market.

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